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Eaglesoft software by Patterson Dental is a popular patient management system.

Information provided indicated that the exposed databases included two from Canadian dental practices, one from a U.S. dental group, and one from a U.S. dentist employed by Patterson:

Timberlea Dental Clinic (Alberta, Canada): Approximately 2,300 patients had their information exposed, including patient ID, first and last name, age, responsible party, home telephone number, date of last visit, recall date, LPA, NPA, NRA, recall type, and recall status.

Dr. M Stemalschuk (Canada): There were two files. One was password-protected. The other was a zip file with an Eaglesoft database with health and insurance information on approximately 15,000 patients: name, date of birth, address, telephone number, gender, marital status, employer, insurance carrier, and insurance member ID.

Massachusetts General Hospital Dental Group had protected health information on some of its patients exposed in a transaction log. The data included patient first and last names, the provider’s name, the patient’s ID number, their date of birth, their Social Security number, gender, and chart ID number. All of the data were unencrypted.

Rob McCanon (CEREC specialist, Patterson Dental): a directory of almost three dozen named patients from 2009 was exposed. The files were image files (CDT), and the index was last updated in 2011. Because Shafer did not download or explore any of the individual CDT files, it is not known whether the image files also contained PHI such as patient names or if they were only images.

Breach reported by Databreaches.net.

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