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As part of our efforts to provide our valued healthcare clients with an effective HIPAA compliance program along with the very best in cybersecurity, VITECH’s Full Spectrum Compliance offers
comprehensive data Backup, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery services for all of our
compliance programs and levels of service.

For healthcare businesses, disaster recovery planning isn’t just a luxury – it’s a requirement.

Business Continuity Planning

An effective business continuity plan will help keep your business running smoothly in the event of a natural disaster, cybersecurity incident, or data breach. In order to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive healthcare marketplace, you need a managed security services provider who can ensure that you have the most innovative backup and disaster recovery protocols and planning in place so your business doesn’t miss a beat during a disaster.

VITECH will consult with you to customize and tailor an affordable, comprehensive, realistic business continuity plan to meet your needs.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

When you work with VITECH, your HIPAA disaster recovery plan will outline the actions, responses, resources, personnel, and data recovery procedures in place to safeguard and protect sensitive patient data during an incident, data breach, or other disaster. As outlined by HIPAA, disasters can include everything from a natural disaster – like a tornado or a flood – to a ransomware attack, whether or not it results in a full-blown data breach.

Your disaster recovery plan is required per the HIPAA Contingency Plan section of the HIPAA Security Rule. The rule directs all healthcare organizations subject to HIPAA to anticipate how a natural or data disaster will affect them, how it might damage systems and networks, and ultimately, how it could compromise sensitive patient electronic health information. It also requires HIPAA-compliant organizations to develop and implement policies and procedures to respond effectively to disasters so that all protected health information remains secure.

A HIPAA-compliant disaster recovery plan will include, in part:

  • How operations will be conducted during the disaster
  • Which staff members are responsible for core operations
  • How data will be transmitted during the incident or disaster in accordance with HIPAA
  • How data will be restored

While the HIPAA rule does not specifically delineate how to accomplish these tasks, it does
state that any covered entity that fails to adequately prepare and recover from a disaster will be considered non-compliant, and subject to sanctions and penalties.

Our Partnership With Industry Leaders in Backup and Disaster Recovery Means Your Business Stays Compliant and Up-and-Running

VITECH is proud to partner with industry leaders Intronis, Datto, and Continuum for effective Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Services. For extra security and the peace of mind that comes with multiple backup locations, we also offer a cloud-based Disaster Recovery solution through Cloud Endure.

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