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Guided Compliance takes the guesswork
out of HIPAA and HITECH

When it comes to the modern healthcare & medical field, above all else, technology should help you improve the quality of care you provide to your patients. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. The healthcare industry is complicated, ever-changing and strictly regulated, which can make it difficult to implement cutting-edge technological solutions without compromising your HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

We can help. As veteran IT providers of the healthcare industry, VITECH has the solutions, expertise, and experience needed to help your healthcare organization leverage technology for confident compliance.


Our 10-point Guided Compliance Process includes:

  1. Your very own VITECH Compliance Coach: Your expert Compliance Coach will provide you guidance throughout the process.
  2. Comprehensive Risk Analysis: Your Compliance Coach will perform a thorough Risk Analysis during a phone interview – please be sure to have any existing documentation on hand (if you don’t have it, it will be provided to you in the Remediation phase).
  3. Gap Identification: Any deficiencies discovered during the Risk Analysis will be discussed with your Compliance Coach.
  4. Remediation: Your Compliance Coach will work with you to address any Gaps discovered during the Risk Analysis so that you know exactly how to eliminate them.
  5. Policies & Procedures Review: Policies & Procedures are then reviewed to ensure that they are effective and current; custom templates will be provided for any missing policies.
  6. Employee Attestation: Your Compliance Coach will then help you ensure that all employees with access to PHI have attested to your Policies & Procedures.
  1. HIPAA Training:
    • Your training records will be reviewed to ensure all employees with access to PHI have been trained on HIPAA compliance.
    • Comprehensive training will be provided for those who have not yet completed it or are not current.
  2. Business Associate Management: Your Compliance Coach will then work with you to ensure you have a BAA with all covered entities and vendors handling PHI.
  3. Final Report: Your Compliance Coach will provide you with both a Detailed Report and an Executive Summary comprised of all the information
    gathered through the process, as well as any recommendations and next steps.
  4. Ongoing Compliance
    • You will be given access to the HIPAA Hotline for help with any HIPAA-related questions.
    • You will be given access to an online portal for ongoing Management & Document Control.
    • Your Compliance Coach will schedule your next Quarterly review.

Your healthcare organization can’t afford to be non-compliant;
you need a professional healthcare compliance team on your side.

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