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VITECH Offers Cybersecurity Audit Services For Managed Service Providers

One of the most vital third-party services in the world of IT is that of a cybersecurity auditor. In particular, cybersecurity audit services for managed service providers (MSPs) is one of the most crucial going out there. VITECH Full Spectrum Cybersecurity experts provide MSPs a third-party cybersecurity audit firm that can provide a critical service when their clients require it.

Security as a Service (SaaS) is a vertical market with huge potential, and VITECH is making the most of it by reaching out to IT managed service providers nationwide (and elsewhere) to help them be able to fortify their cybersecurity offerings.

“We can work in concert with MSPs, doing the assessments for their clients, and then, when the work needs to be done, hand it off to the MSP to take over the cybersecurity management at the direct service level,” says Natan Bradbury for VITECH, which is located in Grapevine, in the Dallas TX area.

One of the main market differentiators for VITECH is setting them apart from other third-party cybersecurity audit firms. Namely, that most of them are “one trick ponies” that don’t do the full spectrum work that VITECH does.

Why Your Managed Services Business Needs A Partner Who Can Take Care Of All Your Cybersecurity Audits

“The majority of cybersecurity firms don’t go past the risk assessment stage. They don’t do cybersecurity audits or training like we do, and their focus seems to either be extremely specific or generalized,” Natan continues.

As a white label service, third-party cybersecurity audit firms like Natan’s are filling a key vertical market in the IT world. Running a cyber security audit is a crucial part of any company’s business operations in today’s day and age – whether you’re an IT service provider or literally any company of any size.

Why is a Third-Party Cyber Security Audit Such a Needed Service?

The main role of IT in an MSP organization is that of support and supply of IT services. Typically, there are far more demands that can be realistically delivered with the staffing level standards.

IT specialists work as hard as they can to balance all of the service demands in the face of changing priorities (often external demands drive the priority changes). But, because of this, we generally have a resource shortage in IT.

To be effective in cybersecurity audits you have to be fully immersed in the techniques used to break into organizations via their networks. You have to think like a criminal, which thankfully, most IT folks do not.

Or, thankfully, some of them do, rather. It’s called “ethical hacking,” and all the good IT security firms are doing it now.

A good third-party cybersecurity auditor’s goal is to identify holes in security and recommend ways to fix them. That is their raison d’etre.

In 2014, HartfordBusiness.com declared, “Third-party audits [to be the] best way to oversee cyber security”.

In the intervening years, that statement has only become truer.

Says the April 2014 article in HartfordBusiness.com:

“[…] cybersecurity compliance shouldn’t be left to self-reporting. There is too much risk involved to take each company at its word, even though there are many incentives for utilities to have the best possible defense system.

House’s report [Arthur House, chairman of the Connecticut state Public Utilities Regulatory Authority] suggests the state make use of third-party audits, similar to how accounting firms review the finances of companies and report their findings based on uniform standards. This idea makes a lot more sense for [some key] reasons.

[For one, third-party cybersecurity audits prevent] the state from having to spend money to set up a new cybersecurity agency or department. Currently, no U.S. state regulator has cyber expertise on staff capable of performing a thorough cyber audit, House’s report said, so acquiring that intelligence would be prohibitive in terms of cost, time, and training.”

Focusing Cyber Security Audits on Healthcare IT Services

VITECH routinely performs HIPAA Compliance Audits and Cyber Security Assessments for healthcare facilities in Texas and elsewhere nationwide who desperately need the services Natan and Co. can deliver.

VITECH performs the most comprehensive HIPAA compliance audit available, and it covers the full spectrum of technical due diligence required for HIPAA cybersecurity. With this team on-task, you’ll always know what you can expect from a comprehensive VITECH HIPAA compliance audit.

From the Initial Data Collection Process through to the delivery of comprehensive reports and exceptions — healthcare organizations are able to rest assured that they have true cybersecurity auditing pros on task.

A Full-Spectrum Cybersecurity Audit Firm

Their considerable experience in providing third-party cybersecurity audits to hospitals and other medical facilities has given VITECH the confidence to be able to branch out and offer their cybersecurity audit services to IT managed service providers who may be lacking in the cyber auditing expertise department.

This makes the VITECH team one of the most fully-fledged cyber security and compliance auditing firms in the U.S.!

Why Choose VITECH to Be Your Cybersecurity Auditor?

The team of compliance and security professionals at VITECH values respect, work ethic, and integrity. The fact is, they’ve chosen to partner directly with healthcare organizations and MSPs like yours because they feel that the mutual corporate values are closely aligned.

VITECH’s success as a business is a testament to the quality of service offered. They take a holistic view of security and compliance to help protect healthcare and MSP clients. It really is the results that matter. The methodology and the tools used are just the vehicles by which to get there.

Call VITECH’s toll-free hotline at (800) 536-2156 or email them at info@VITECHpros.com for more info on how to get started with a reliable third-party cyber security audit firm who can work in concert with you to get your MSP clients — or any business organization — cyber-optimized!

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