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If you’re a healthcare company that’s concerned about things like HIPAA compliance and audits, and keeping your IT network performing at a level that keeps you free from cyber breach and subsequent HIPAA violations, then we can help you. Our brand of healthcare IT outsourcing will not only help you meet compliance regulations – it will also get you up to optimal network performance and keep you there.

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What does all this mean, especially for those of you concerned about cost vs. value on deliverables? It means that we deliver exactly what you would expect a top-rated healthcare IT outsourcing company to. And, it means you not only get peerless healthcare IT services that guard you from data breaches and compliance violations – it also means you get end-to-end coverage on everything from email filtering, server monitoring and threat detection to mobile device management, disaster recovery solutions and business continuity planning and much more.

In other words – you get it all from VITECH, your full-spectrum IT security pros. And, you get it with outsourcing and managed services options that make the cost-to-value ratio even more attractive.

We provide IT services for healthcare professionals, whether Covered Entities (CEs) or Business Associates (BAs). We can also help you to better understand the sometimes confusing and troubling realm of HIPAA regulations and how they apply to your IT networking standards. In short, we make sure your organization is more than prepared for a HIPAA audit – we make sure you have complete mastery over the potentially costly guidelines and strictures involved, so you can get on with the important business of patient care free of worry.

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If you’re concerned that your healthcare organization needs better IT coverage and compliance assurance, we are top-rated providers of healthcare IT outsourcing. In fact, VITECH is among the best healthcare IT services companies in the industry. Need help? Please give us a call at (800) 536-2156 for email us at info@vitechpros.com or more information.

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