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Comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Audit

The Most Comprehensive & Technical HIPAA Compliance Audit

VITECH performs the most comprehensive HIPAA compliance audit available, and it covers the full-spectrum of technical due diligence required for HIPAA cybersecurity. Let’s explore what you can expect from a comprehensive VITECH HIPAA compliance audit.

1. The Initial Data Collection Process

  • VITECH will begin the comprehensive audit by conducting a “Site Interview” to obtain the answers to a series of questions.
  • Next, we will conduct an On-Site Survey to personally observe the environment, take photographs and review a wide range of security policies.
  • While we conduct the On-Site Survey, we will also run the non-invasive Network Detective Local HIPAA scanner on each PC/MAC/Linux box in the office.
  • Additionally, VITECH will conduct an External Vulnerability Scan.

2. The Secondary Data Collection Process

Once we’ve gathered the initial data, we work with our client (or organization) to complete three worksheets – a User Identification Worksheet, a Computer Identification Worksheet, and a Share Identification Worksheet. The data from these worksheets will be automatically cross-correlated with the data collected by the Network Detective data collector to ensure there are no anomalies.

3. Comprehensive Reports & Exceptions Delivered

With all critical data collected and verified, we will generate a Management Plan, which will list issues that have been identified, as well as a plan to remediate them. We also note any exceptions and add further explanations as necessary. All of the information gathered by our team is then ready to be crunched, analyzed and organized into a set of official HIPAA Compliance reports and documents.

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