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At VITECH, we are experts in HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity. We take great pride in helping our clients navigate the complexities of HIPAA and HITECH. We are experts in defending against the most advanced, persistent healthcare cybersecurity threats so you can ensure your patients’ protected health information stays safe and secure while it’s in your care.

A Full Spectrum Compliance Solution

We help healthcare organizations of all sizes better protect their patients with our holistic approach to
compliance risk analysis. With our Full Spectrum Compliance Solution, you’ll get a team of compliance experts that analyze every aspect of your compliance efforts, from Risk Analysis to Documented Policies and Procedures. We work with you every step of the way to recommend and implement the most advanced compliance and security tools so you can safeguard your healthcare business better than ever before.

For our behavioral and mental health clients, we also offer an industry-leading electronic health record (EHR) solution.

VITECH’s Full Spectrum Compliance Solution works to provide your healthcare organization with the tools it needs to avoid the disastrous financial and public relations nightmare of a data breach.

Protect Yourself In the Event of a HIPAA Audit

Our Full-Spectrum Compliance solution is your turn-key solution to the rapidly-changing world of HIPAA compliance. We specialize in providing healthcare organizations, therapists, mental health counseling centers, and addiction recovery centers with the information they need to become and stay compliant.

In the event of a Department of Health and Human Services/Office of Civil Rights (HHS/OCR) HIPAA audit, our Full-Spectrum Compliance plan helps you satisfy documentation and compliance requirements. Our plans will help you prove Meaningful Use, which ultimately means you’re using electronic health records (EHR) in compliance with the standards set forth by OCR.

More Than Legislative Compliance – Beneficial for Your Business

Yes, we offer comprehensive HIPAA Risk Analysis, Compliance Training, and Document Control, but in preparing your business to satisfy HIPAA legislation, we help implement solutions that, by default, make your business better, more efficient, more secure, and more profitable.


Advanced Threat Protection

To learn more about VITECH’s HIPAA Compliance Audit Gold Standard package, click here.

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