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Windows 10 has seen the fastest rate of adoption of any OS in Microsoft’s history. It’s unquestionably a good product, and even better, at least for a limited time, it’s a free product. That’s a hard combination to beat, but for a variety of reasons, some people just don’t want to upgrade, and that’s their choice. A recent change in Microsoft’s strategy, however, will make it increasingly difficult to say no.

The company is moving Windows 10 from a “Recommended Upgrade” to an automatic one. Most people have automatic updates turned on, because this is the mechanism by which they get the latest security patches for their operating systems. By including Windows 10 in this list, you may wake up one morning to find that the latest “update” you got, was a whole new OS you may not have wanted.

That’s problematic for a certain segment of the computing population. There are some management issues to contend with when upgrading to a new OS on any given machine. Will all the software that machine uses work with Windows 10? Most software does, because Microsoft has a pretty solid track record of making their operating systems backwards compatible, but as Windows 10 users have been finding out since switching, “most” and “all” are not the same thing. There have been, and will continue to be some software compatibility issues, and if users aren’t prepared, or in a position to handle those, they could find themselves with non-functional software they need to get their work done.

Solution?  Be prepared. Take the time now to ensure that your software is compatible with Windows 10. Also, ensure your hardware is able to handle the new OS by running the Windows 10 Device & App Compatibility Check.  You can find it by clicking on the Get Windows 10 app icon in your taskbar to open its window. Click on the 3-lined menu in the top left corner. Under Getting the upgrade, click on Check your PC link. The scan doesn’t take very long and you will be informed if any installed apps or devices are not compatible with Windows 10.

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