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Covered Entities

As a HIPAA-compliant managed services security provider, VITECH is proudly committed to HIPAA covered entities and business associates. This includes healthcare practices and clinics of all sizes, such as hospitals, dental practices, addiction recovery centers, mental health therapists, and counseling centers, as well as clinics on college and university campuses.

We work with clients across the healthcare spectrum.

Business Associates

We support the third-party business associates that covered entities depend on. Any person or entity that performs services involving the use or disclosure of protected health information for or on a covered entity’s behalf is subject to HIPAA compliance.

We specialize in providing covered entities and business associates with our Full-Spectrum Compliance toolkit to aid in all their compliance and cybersecurity needs.

Health Care Clearinghouse

An entity that processes non-standard health information it receives from another entity into a standard electronic format or data content, or vice versa.

VITECH is committed to helping our covered entities and business associate clients navigate the complexities of HIPAA compliance to ultimately avoid the expense and potential catastrophe of a data breach and resultant non-compliance sanctions and fines.

What Sets Us Apart When It Comes to HIPAA Compliance and Security? Full-Spectrum Compliance

Our turnkey solution to Full-Spectrum Compliance means our clients – from private practices, medical clinics, hospitals, therapists, counseling centers, and addiction recovery centers – benefit from all the tools they need to be HIPAA compliant. We’ve spent countless hours mastering the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules to help you achieve total HIPAA compliance.

Full-Spectrum Compliance is designed to take you from non-compliance to full compliance quickly and completely.

Meaningful Use

Full-Spectrum Compliance also helps our clients attest to Meaningful Use in order to be eligible for incentive payments as authorized by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for eligible professionals. In order to qualify for electronic health records (EHR) incentive payments, healthcare providers must complete an annual evaluation that they are demonstrating

“Meaningful Use” of their EHR systems.

Through Core Measure 15, providers must undergo a security analysis, implement security updates when necessary, and correct any deficiencies as part of establishing and attesting to their Meaningful Use of EHR. VITECH’s Full Spectrum Compliance helps our clients meet these core requirements to successfully attest to Meaningful Use and receive valuable incentive payments.

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