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Drop Dental is an up-and-coming software designed to optimize processes and drive efficiency for dental labs and manufacturers worldwide. The platform allows dental labs and manufacturers to seamlessly send and share important files and patient information – a service that was non-existent before the creation of Drop Dental.

As the development team was designing the Drop Dental platform and determining the best ways to bring the Software as a Service (SaaS) to market, one consideration couldn’t be ignored: HIPAA compliance. The Drop Dental team had the expertise and experience to write the software but knew that must also make considerations to ensure national patient privacy standards were upheld.

The Situation: Understanding HIPAA Requirements to Ensure a Compliant Software Platform

HIPAA compliance is a fundamental component of any company or organization that deals with the transfer of confidential patient information. Failure to uphold HIPAA regulations and meet HIPAA compliance standards can result in huge fines and penalties for healthcare providers of all kinds. In order to market the Drop Dental platform to dental labs and manufacturers, the software development team knew they must be able to ensure these professionals that patient data would be secure for transfer on the platform.

The Drop Dental Team had already hired an external HIPAA Compliance expert to help them better understand the requirements, which had been a helpful starting point. However, the team got to the point where they needed the final stamp of approval so they could promote their platform as HIPAA compliant. To validate their level of HIPAA compliance, the Drop Dental team reached out to VITECH for a compliance audit. It wasn’t long before the HIPAA experts at VITECH had assessed the gaps, and had a complete ‘remediation plan’ in action.

The Solution: A Comprehensive HIPPA Audit from VITECH To Check Every Detail  

VITECH provided a comprehensive plan to ensure that HIPAA regulations were upheld across all components of the Drop Dental platform. Since Drop Dental is a largely cloud-based start-up, most of their IT infrastructure is hosted through Amazon Web Services. The VITECH team followed a step-by-step plan and knew exactly what to look for both in the local network, and in these online systems to ensure HIPAA compliance was upheld across the board.

“The whole process was very organized – there was a detailed, step-by-step plan,” says Brandon Camping of Drop Dental. “The knowledge and comprehensiveness VITECH provided was invaluable to us. You could tell they were experienced, knowledgeable and had their stuff together.”

“As soon as they arrived, everything just sort of flowed and they made the entire process really relaxed, and even fun – which is the last thing you’d expect from a compliance audit,” continues Camping. “The VITECH team was great at offering a relaxed experience while also remaining incredibly professional and getting the job done quickly.”

The Outcome: Worry-Free HIPAA Compliance for This Market-Ready Healthcare Start-Up

Thanks to the comprehensive audit from VITECH, Drop Dental can rest assured that all their compliance bases are covered. This means that the Drop Dental team is able to promote their SaaS platform as HIPAA compliant and ensure their customers know the platform is safe for the transfer of confidential patient information.

“They were very straight-forward and organized,” says Camping. “They went through every detail to ensure that we could maintain HIPAA compliance consistently from an internal perspective. Additionally, we can now promote the platform to our clients with assurance that the entire platform is set up to maintain compliance.”

In addition to providing a dynamic and above-standard HIPAA compliance audit, the VITECH team left an impression with the overall service experience they provided for Drop Dental.

“We were blown away by both the professionalism and friendliness that the VITECH team demonstrated,” says Camping. “They were incredibly easy to work with and it simply didn’t feel like a normal vendor-customer relationship.

What was intended to be a one-time audit has turned into a more established partnership. The CEO of Drop Dental is also CEO for an additional entity that he didn’t originally plan to do a HIPAA audit for. However, after such a seamless and positive experience with VITECH, he’s decided to keep them on board for a second audit as well.

“It really comes down to us being genuinely impressed by how prepared, comprehensive and personable they were,” says Camping. “I would absolutely recommend VITECH to other start-ups or anyone looking for a professional, organized IT partner who is easy to work with.”

For full details on HIPAA compliance audits with VITECH, please visit: www.vitechpros.com/site-hipaa-compliance-audit.

Is your healthcare company lost in the land of compliance concerns? Are you looking for a final stamp of HIPAA compliance approval? VITECH can help. Call their experts today at (800) 536-2156 or via email at info@vitechpros.com.


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